Saturday, March 29, 2008

Little Family Update :) has been awhile!

I will just give you a little run down of our fast paced lives...

Daniel: Daniel just finished up his second season playing indoor flag football. In his last game he scored a touchdown! YAY!! Go Daniel! They were playing in the play offs and lost by 6 points...what a bummer. But over all they did a great job! His company just got a huge deal in St. Charles off of 70 & 5th street (I think). It was where the old Noah's Ark Hotel was. They are going to be putting in a huge retail development along with some multi-family housing! I am hoping that he will be the PM on the job so he will be close to home! And we can just zip down the street to have lunch together.

Madison: Madison has been on Spring Break this past week and she just told me today "Can we skip Sunday so I can go back to school?" What am I going to do this summer....poor thing :) We are just glad that she likes school as much as she does! She is still in dance and has been practicing for her recital that will be in June. She is still a great big Sis and Grandma's Little Helper. (Speaking of) She spent the night with my mom this week and my mom asked her if she wanted to get money from Grandpa and go garage selling or work on getting stuff together for their garage sale and guess what she picked.......she wanted to help Grandma!

Parker: Parker is getting ready to go back to school. It will be starting on Tuesday! I know he will be excited to be with kids his age! And I will get to hang out with some adults and have some adult convo. which is always a plus! He has graduated from swimming and is now sad that he does not get to swim with Chuck.

Lincoln: He has really been a mess lately.....he was on meds for a sinus infection and he didn't get over ti so he is back on them. And I think he has some teeth coming in. He was up last night and is having trouble so far tonight...poor guy! On a happy note: Watch this!

Me: Well, I have been busy with ISR training. That is really ALL I have been up to! But I am looking forward to the Home Opener on Monday for the CARDS!!! Daniel's company is giving away 2 tickets that day for the we still have a little chance to go!

Have a great Weekend!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Swimming Update

Wednesday Parker got to swim in summer cloths (sandals, shorts and a t-shirt). Chuck did this because you never know when a child may fall into the pool. Today he will be swimming in pants and a long sleeve shirt with tennis shoes. Below I have added a video of Lincoln. Lincoln will still be in the program for a little while longer.

Training is very intense. I am in my 3rd week. I will have a week off while Chuck is at training in Florida. I should start training my own kids in May.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photography Rights....

If you are like me you always have your camera on hand...well do you know your rights as your photograph your kids on the playground and there are other kids in the photo? Or what about when you are taking photos of private property? Or what is some one tries to confiscate your camera?? Know your rights...I didn't know them but not I do....capture those special moments with confidence!!! Check this out for further information!!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

Remember that creative moment that stung me a while back.....well it happened again....

Seriously don't get used to this stuff...

When Madison was reminding me every 2 hours that Monday was St. Patricks Day I finally told her that we would get her a shirt from Old Navy. They are usually very cute and only $5.00. Sounds cheep enough right :)

Well, I decided that I would just make her a shirt...

So Madison and I had some "Girl Time" as she called it and we did the Wal-Marting and Shop-N-Saving. While at Wal-Mart I picked up white shirt for her, green paint and sponges....and this is what I came up with!!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So I just thought of something that I should add as #11 to my par-T.....I have slight OCD when it comes to the way toilet paper is put on the holder....
toilet paper
Do you see how this paper comes over the top to be dispensed? Well, that is how I ALWAYS put it on...and (I oh so hate to admit this) if I am at your house and yours is the opposite way...I will fix it for you.....but only if I think I will be going back in there to potty.

WOW...I feel so much better getting that off my chest!!!

On another toilet note....

Cleaning the toilet
What is wrong with this photo? Do you ever see a man cleaning the toilet? Probably not unless he lives in a fraternity house. Ladies and husband cleaned the toilet last night...he doesn't usually do this unless I am pregnant. Thanks Babe!! You are the best!!

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Monday, March 10, 2008


Ultimate Blog Party 2008

I did it...I joined THE Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Welcome to Feagans 5ive! Look around...

This is my first party and I was a little worried about what shoes to wear since my daily shoe attire consist mostly of crocs! Gotta love those crocs!!

Here is a little about me! I am 25, I have 3 blue eyed, beautiful children! All given to my by the man of my life! DJF! We also have a dog, Belle! You can see photos of each of my children on the right hand column of this little blog!

10 things about our family!

ONE: I am currently training to be an instructor for the best aquatic program out there!!
TWO: I don't like to get out of bed....usually the kids end up in my bed before we all go get breakfast!
THREE: My husband and I have a small obsession for Survivor.

FOUR: I think my youngest child, Lincoln will be a class clown.

FIVE: We love to take vacations!

SIX: My husband was born in Colorado Springs, CO. I was born in Pampa, TX. How did we meet in Steelville, MO? On a float trip, of course!

SEVEN: My youngest baby weighed over 10 lbs.

EIGHT: I NEVER thought I would be a blogger....then I met Rachel.

NINE: I love photography.

TEN: I have the best husband....he supports me in pretty much EVERYTHING I want to do!!

Well, now that you know a little about me...take a look around....leave a comment if you would five year old loves to hear about "mama's blog" and other peoples too!

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Today it is a soaring 40* out I sent Parker out to play and get some fresh air!! As he went out the door I started on lunch only to find **Guess Who** right behind was Parker....telling me that he went potty in his pants. So we pulled off the wet pants and I told him to go put them down the hole (our laundry shoot). Time passed and I finally yelled "Come on Parker-Man get your pants on so you can go outside and play!!!" Well out of our room running he came with a mouth full guess and I will let you know tomorrow!! Here is what I saw...please don't look at the mess coming from his nose...

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Nearly One Week Down...

Well, tomorrow will complete my first week of training! It is so exciting and so difficult at the same time. I am so excited to be a part of the finest aquatic survival program....but this training stuff is really emotional. It is AMAZING to see how proud some of these kids are of them selves! They know what they are doing!

On another note....Madison missed her first day of school today. She was up all night last night coughing and throwing up from coughing. Poor thing. I must not have heard her because Daniel got up with her. He took her temperature at 4am and it was 102.7*.

He gave her Tylenol and about 20 minutes later she came in our room and told Daniel that her neck was sweating.

What can I say she takes after her daddy.

This morning when I got up she was still sleeping and continued to do so until 8:00. She pretty much laid down on the couch all morning and ate a little soup for lunch. Madison fell asleep in our bed for a nap and at that point I had to go train and take the boys to swimming. I hope she is feeling better by morning because she has a birthday party to go to.

Lincoln was at the doctor on Tuesday and they gave him some meds for a sinus infection....lets just hope that no one else gets the 24 hour bug that Miss. Madison has!!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

In God We (I) Trust

Well, I have been reading a blog that has started Miracle Monday. And although there are many (I can think of 3 to start with) miracles that have happened in my life, there is one really big one going on right now!!!

I have been holding out on the news of me being accepted in to the Infant Swimming Resource Program (ISR). I am very, oh so very excited!!!! I first learned about this program because Lorelai was enrolled in it and I went to see one of her lessons. After that I was in shock about the fact that a child could really save their life if they fell into the water.

So after talking to Daniel and praying about it.....I gave it all to God. Now it is very easy to say that but to actually do it....not so easy. I prayed. I prayed more. And I prayed some more. I didn't worry about it....because I prayed to God and let him know exactly what I wanted to do and told him that it was ALL in his hands....from there (believe it or not) I didn't worry. I seriously didn't worry one second. If this was Ultimate Plan that God has for me well then....He would make it happen and if not I knew that He would have something else "up his sleeve" for me.

I sent in my letter of intent, resume, and the list of questions that I had to answer and waited for the next step. I thought the next step was going to be a series of phone interviews but it was only one. I was very nervous about the interview. But as it turns was more of a lets get to know each other conversation and she threw in several questions along the way :)

I then got the APPROVAL!!!!!

Praises to God!!!!

After that I had to send in my signed agreement and my tuition! I then had to wait for the links for my online training guide....I still remember when I got it....Daniel was at his football game, and the kids were sleeping. When I got it....I cried.....seriously.....tears flowed from my eyes. The feeling I felt was so incredibly awesome. I knew that God was behind me all the way. I will be saving HIS children if they fall into the water. GOD made this possible. I believe it 100%, no questions asked.

I will be starting training tomorrow! Please pray for my mom, as she will be caring for the kids during the training!! Pray for my kids so that they don't drive her crazy!!

NOW: I challenge you....give something 100% to God and DO NOT worry about it....the feeling you will feel is more that you can describe.

You can watch the video at the top of my page and that is exactly what I will be teaching. Right now my boys are in the program and you can see some of their videos on my site as well!

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