Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Update!!!

Just a little Feagans' Family update!!

From the last post....

Lincoln is now getting up on all 4's quite often now!! He looks sooo darn cute but so darn clueless at the same time!! He has also been teething like crazy. Nothing has popped through quite yet but he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! In the photo below please notice the size difference in Parker and Lincoln!!!

Parker did something he has never done before today!!! This morning (being tired got to me, I guess), I took off the front of his crib. He loved climbing up and down and in and out of his "new" bed!! So he is now taking a nap in his bed with out the side. I didn't close the door all the way so I could check on him while he was in there falling asleep for the afternoon and I just happened to be looking in there when Eddie(Parker's Doll) fell on the ground. I thought for sure he would get up and get it but he just rolled over and fell asleep or a nap. Then of course I had to go in there and document this (taking photos) and he woke up....well I knew he was exhausted b/c he was with my mom last night and this time he whimpered and rolled over and fell asleep!!! I don't know...but Daniel is out of town for tonight and maybe the next night so if he ends up in bed with me tonight at least we will not be smashed in there!!! So....YEAH for Parker he is turning into such a big boy!!! Parker will be 2 on the 4th of August along with his birthday buddy Joe Young!!

Madison is going to have her 2nd night of swimming lessons tonight. She really likes them!! She was a little concerned at first. She was asking me and my mom tons of questions about was going to happen. I guess she thought that she was going to be thrown in the water and have to figure it out on her own! But now that she knows she is totally fine and loves it!! The weekend before school starts Daniel, Madison and I will be taking a trip to see Daniel's Job in IL and to hang out one last weekend before school starts just the 3 of us!!! We are going to take the train up there and Daniel will pick us up from the train station!! School starts on the 20th of August. I will be taking her to school and she will be riding the bus home!