Friday, February 8, 2008


Since I was awarded the EXCELLENT award, I have to give it to others...

SO...I am giving mine to Michelle, Kendrick's wife....(you know who you are). She is an excellent mom and if I need to talk I know she is there.....this award also comes with a challenge to her....she will be leaving her part time job in April (I think) I am challenging her to

ALSO...Mrs. L gave an award to Rachel but I must back that award....Rachel has talked me through some difficult issues only a friend could help me get through...Thanks are AWESOME!!! and so is Lala and I guess JD too!!!


So I was given an award from Mrs. L over at My Memory Keepsake....she gave me the Excellent award! Thanks Em! And thanks for fixing my blog problem! Em helped me fix a horrible flashing header on my blog...but as you can see we got it fixed with the wonderful photo that is there now for Valentines Day!