Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas :)

Hello, Hello! Sorry I have not updated you guys on Ls Tubes. Everything went very well. He was fussy waking up from being put under but other than that everything was nearly great. I say nearly because on Thursday he started to run a fever. So Dr. Reichert wanted to see him in the office. Dr. Reichert had to drain a lot of fluid from behind his ear before he put in the tube so he thought it could be clogged and infected. However that was not the case and everything looked good. He did however suck some yucky stuff out of his ear and I could barley hold him down. For 11 1/2 (OMGosh he is almost 1 ;( )months old he is really strong. But all in all everything was great.

Here in the Midwest we got 6 inches of snow!! It was a perfect time too, it was the weekend so D was off work and Mwas off school. It was so nice out that we were sitting in the snow eating it and throwing snowballs at the dogs. When I let P eat it I thought he was going to faint....he was so excited! Photos will be posted later when I have patience for!

For the past 3 years it has been a tradition to wear our PJ's on Christmas day to Ds families house. I must say it is a WONDERFUL tradition. Even better is the first year we stared this we had pizza and sundaes to eat!!! I must say I totally recommend at least trying it for one year and if your family doesn't like it....they are crazy!

There was is a friend in our church who had a baby! And I got to photograph him on Saturday! You can see his photos at I must say he is a total cutie! James is a sweet heart!

We are so excited to have D at home with us this year on Christmas Eve. His company was nice enough to let all the employees have Christmas Eve off! Thanks Bob!! We are going to celebrate Christmas Eve this year by going out to my mom's house early for breakfast and then we are going to make Christmas Cookies!! At 3:00 we are going to stop and open gifts and then let the kids have time to play. When my brother and his girlfriend come over we are going to have dinner. Then we will get changed in to our PJ's and play for a little longer before it is time to pack up and get ready for Santa :) P stared out the Christmas season calling Santa "Christmas" We would show him a picture of Santa and he would say "ohhh, Christmas." Very Cute!! I wish I had it on video like the Poop Porch thing! That was funny!

Well, I must go now! I hope you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas!!!