Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Moment of Inspiration

Back at Christmas time my mom got me my very won sewing machine! Probably because she was tired of me borrowing hers :)

Well, I was on eBay and I bought a Rag Quilt blanket pattern. I love this little pattern....it has got to be the easiest thing to make EVER! The first one I made was for some friends of ours....they are due in April with baby #1! How exciting for them!

And back when Rachel was in town she made Lincoln a taggie blanket! And he loves it! So I thought I would combine the two ideas and make a Raggie Taggie Blanket! Below are some photos of my "Moment of Inspiration"!!!

This is what the middle of the blanket looks like with the "raggie" side up!

And this is a corner with the taggies!

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P.S. Don't get used to these moments of inspiration....the are few and far between!!