Monday, August 13, 2007

Parker's Illness

That is right...Parker has a virus. It all started on Friday. I thought that my mom just gave him too much juice...yeah, that would have been nice because then....he would not have dirty diapers every other hour. Now Monday, it is getting better now we are just trying to keep Madison and Lincoln free from it. All I can say is I have NEVER seen a little bottom so RED in all of my diaper changing the way I am going on 5 years now. I am a PRO :)

On another note....Madison and I are going on her first flight with Papa tonight. I will be bringing my camera...this in one of many to document. I have thought about bringing Parker but not too sure about it yet. I don't know how he will do!! I am still not too sure how Madison is going to do but we will see. Papa is our ticket to see Daniel on Friday for Madison's weekend away before she starts school. We plan to do this with each one of the kiddos!!

Check out tomorrow for an update on Madison's Plane Ride!!