Saturday, January 19, 2008

Words Don't Express....

how it is that I am feeling at this moment. This morning we all got up just as it would have been a typical Saturday morning.

BACK UP: When P is around and Ceazar is eating he always plays with Ceazar. Ceazar does not care for it what so ever and will growl at him to get him to stop.

TODAY: P was playing with Ceazar after he fed him and Ceazar had enough of it and bit him in the face. I knew it was bad because of the ear piercing scream that P let out. D was in the laundry room and FLEW up stairs. I picked P up and took him in the kitchen to check his face. I could tell he was going to need stitches without a doubt. D took him and put him in the van. I went back inside to find clothes b/c I still was in my PJ's. Called the neighbor and she came over to watch L-Train and M. We went straight to St. Johns Hospital in Ladue. We were greeted by a very nice staff and we were taken right back to our room on the pediatric side of the ER. There was NO hesitation on getting P comfortable and taken care of. Needless to say we will NEVER go to any other ER in this area.

He has two 3/4 in. cuts on his face. One of the cuts she did not stitch up. She thought that it would be best to just leave it since it was pretty much closed up and clean. The other was about 1/8 inch away from his eye. We were VERY luck that it did not get into the tear duct. She put 6-8 stitches in that one next to his right eye. Our doctor was WONDERFUL....there is really no other way to describe her and her approach to children. If she was a general practice pediatrician we would be her patients in a snap!

With all of that going on we had to think about Ceazar and what to do with him. We don't feel like he is an aggressive dog. He just doesn't like to be messes with while eating. So D called his sister (who is a Vet) and asked her what she would suggest. She also does not feel like he should be put down just placed in a family without small children.

So that meant that we had to break the news to M. WOW.....I feel so sad for her. We got Ceazar when she was about 18 months old. And until Belle came along she was the only animal she had ever had. She cried, I cried, D cried and I am still crying. I know it is the right thing because we have to protect our children. And like I said before he will not be put down. I really hope we can find a family for him that would allow us to come and see him like once a month until M is OK with the situation.

So this morning has been filled with many emotions. Please pray for a home for Ceazar and for M to have peace with the decision that D and I had to make.

On my previous post is a photo of Ceazar and P. I still don't understand why Ceazar did this....he will let the kids jump on him and pull his hair....