Monday, July 2, 2007


FINALLY, after nearly a week of being up in the middle of the night with Lincoln he slept through the night!!

I also wanted to do a 10 things about Lincoln, Parker and Madison!!

1. he is the baby of the family right now
2. he has one brother and one sister
3. he has been the best baby so far
4. he laughs at almost anything his sister does to him
5. he eats 4 bottles a day
6. he has baby food 2 times a day (that is $6.50/day to feed him)
7. he is a cuddle bug
8. he was put on his first antibiotic Friday for an ear infection
9. he loves to sleep in the swing
10. he is sleeping it it now


1. he is "the middle child"
2. he likes to test his mommy and daddy
3. he is still sleeping in his crib and I plan to keep him there for a long time!
4. he is into pulling hair now
5. he loves to watch Bob the Builder and choo choo's
6. he recently went on a choo choo ride while we were in Colorado on vacation visiting Papa Jay
7. he has selective hearing
8. my voice is one that is commonly blocked out
9. he is honestly one of the cutest kids I have ever seen!! I am not saying that b/c I am his mommy either!
10. he has blue eyes


1. she is the first born
2. she will be going to school in the fall
3. she loves all of her grandma and pa's
4. she loves to go to church and home team
5. she loves dance
6. she wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up
7. she can be very bossy at times
8. she is very emotional and gets hurt easily
9. she was potty trained at 2 years 2 months and 2 day old
10. she likes to play outside