Saturday, March 29, 2008

Little Family Update :) has been awhile!

I will just give you a little run down of our fast paced lives...

Daniel: Daniel just finished up his second season playing indoor flag football. In his last game he scored a touchdown! YAY!! Go Daniel! They were playing in the play offs and lost by 6 points...what a bummer. But over all they did a great job! His company just got a huge deal in St. Charles off of 70 & 5th street (I think). It was where the old Noah's Ark Hotel was. They are going to be putting in a huge retail development along with some multi-family housing! I am hoping that he will be the PM on the job so he will be close to home! And we can just zip down the street to have lunch together.

Madison: Madison has been on Spring Break this past week and she just told me today "Can we skip Sunday so I can go back to school?" What am I going to do this summer....poor thing :) We are just glad that she likes school as much as she does! She is still in dance and has been practicing for her recital that will be in June. She is still a great big Sis and Grandma's Little Helper. (Speaking of) She spent the night with my mom this week and my mom asked her if she wanted to get money from Grandpa and go garage selling or work on getting stuff together for their garage sale and guess what she picked.......she wanted to help Grandma!

Parker: Parker is getting ready to go back to school. It will be starting on Tuesday! I know he will be excited to be with kids his age! And I will get to hang out with some adults and have some adult convo. which is always a plus! He has graduated from swimming and is now sad that he does not get to swim with Chuck.

Lincoln: He has really been a mess lately.....he was on meds for a sinus infection and he didn't get over ti so he is back on them. And I think he has some teeth coming in. He was up last night and is having trouble so far tonight...poor guy! On a happy note: Watch this!

Me: Well, I have been busy with ISR training. That is really ALL I have been up to! But I am looking forward to the Home Opener on Monday for the CARDS!!! Daniel's company is giving away 2 tickets that day for the we still have a little chance to go!

Have a great Weekend!

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