Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Cedar Lodge

We went on a little family vacation before Madison had to head back to school.
I was at Bass Pro not too long ago and I was approached by an employee that wanted to sell me a weekend at Big Cedar Lodge for $49. WOW, a weekend in a hotel and access to BCL for a whole weekend. That was a deal :)
However, for this family of 5 to get all packed up and spend a weekend somewhere it has to be more than 2 days if we are driving over 4 hours.

So that being said he had a bigger offer (of course) 3 nights/4 days, sounds good was a BLAST!

We paid $249 for this package. Oh and the catch.....we had to sit and go through a membership deal.....I was really surprised that there was not more pressure to buy. We said "NO" and we took the $200 in Big Cedar Bucks and we ran out the door!
So we ended up paying $49 for the extended time.
Below are some photos of what we did with our $$!

How Sweet is this?

Daddy and L-Train

Lincoln takin' a ride ;)

Momma and Parker

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