Monday, August 25, 2008


Today I did it.....I bought my first cloth diaper. We are thinking about the change for L-Train.

I put it on him after I got home today. At first he squatted down and then looked at me like I was crazy that I put that thing on him.

Later in the evening I gave him a bath and put him back into a disposal diaper. I did not put any jammies on him since I was calling the others in for baths and I knew he would be in the bathroom getting wet.

Later in the evening (still unclothed) I hear grunting in the back of the house. Not such a big deal when Madison's door is closed but I saw it open so I thought he was in her room getting into something he should not be in. As I am walking down the hall I hear the sound and the word "potty" coming from our room.

Lincoln had pulled off his diaper and was sitting on the potty!!!

Now this would be a wonderful post IF I could also report that he did something in the potty....but it looked like this.....

So does pulling his diaper off and sitting on the potty mean that we can start training? Parker was just weeks over 2 when he was potty trained. Maybe the cloth diapers are a good choice for him right now :)

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