Sunday, February 3, 2008


What an eventful weekend....
Friday: Missy (my neighbor) and I left around 12:00 to go scrapbookin' for the weekend. We got to Carlyle Lake around 2:3o after all of our necessary stops! When we got there we unloaded our stuff and went to cutting, taping, sticking, ohhing and ahhhing over photos that I haden't seen in a long time!! I stayed up ALL night....I think it was around 8:30 am on Saturday that I finally went to bed...but was woken up shortly after by others in our cabin....I WILL BE STAYING IN A HOTEL NEXT YEAR....

So I got up took a shower and went back at it...I was up until about 11:00 that night and then I had to call it quits!

I was tired today but I got a lot done. I made a little 6x6 scrapbook for M. It was of photos of M and Ceazar. She was excited to have them all in a book just for her! I also finished our 2005 family album! Each one of my kids have an ABC album. So I was able to work on Parker's album and get it almost finished....just a few more photos!
scrap booking

When I came home it turns out that D had been sick nearly the whole weekend. I have a feeling it is the flu...the sore throat, cough and fever one.....

I just hope the kids don't get it. M has not missed one day of school so far...and I don't think she wants to miss any...don't worry I will keep her home if she gets sick....I am not a crazy parent like some out there!

And the boys will be starting the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) program on Tuesday! I am so excited!!

I have been holding out on you guys also....after A LOT of praying I decided to apply to be an instructor for the program. I have submitted my resume, letter of intent and a questionnaire; all which were required for the program. I have an interview tomorrow evening at 6:30 CST. I feel like I have butterflies in my belly and I am so excited about the possibilities that this will provide for our community, my family and ME! If you are unfamiliar with the ISR program watch the video below for an idea of what I will be teaching!