Friday, November 16, 2007

M, P & L

Really it is already the 16th of NOVEMBER....I am not even going to check and see how many days until is so exciting, stressful, and fun at the same time. Christmas with kids is a whole new world. Especially if they are old enough to have fun with it. P will be a blast!! M is excited too and well, L it is just another day for him!

We are getting things in line to lay ceramic tile in the kitchen and do some things in our partially finished basement....the ceiling is not finished. So the goal is to change the lighting in the basement to some can lights?(I googled can lights and got nothing...sorry there is NO link), and then we are going to spray the ceiling a flat black. Our friends have this done in their basement and it looks really cool. Not to mention...this is in our price range!! :) Then we want to paint the walls, I am thinking a pastel green and pastel purple in the play room. With Chalk Board paint around the bottom. We would paint the rest of the basement a green or a tan color. In the other room we want to have an office/bedroom/living room....yeah I know a lot to fit in such a small area....but it is not that small. I want to put the TV in a place where you can view it from the bed and the couch, then I have my desk to put somewhere too....any ideas?

We are looking forward to the holidays....My Grandparents are going to be in town!! M loves to see Grandpa Ron with all the dogs!!! They have hunting dogs!!

I am out!! Have a great weekend....I am going to try to post more often so you can read about our kiddos!!