Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did he really say POOP?

Wordful Wednesday

Yeah I have a l0t to blog about today....really just an update!!!

I will start with Lincoln:

Lincoln got his 2nd tooth and is crawling EVERYWHERE. I don't remember the other 2 getting into EVERYTHING the way he does. Maybe it is b/c Parker keeps his toys in the living room and Lincoln really can't play with them so we are always on the look out for toys and other stuff he can't have. He is sitting up in the bath tub all alone...well he sits on a hand towel since it is so slippery in there. We don't need stitches in another tongue. As you saw he got his hair cut the other day...he looks so handsome!!!


Really the word BUSY sums it up. He hates to be inside and goes outside first thing every morning. He just loves the dirt. Me not so much. We are still working on the potty thing. He is now back to wearing a diaper to bed. He just can't stay dry. We will see. He is doing OK during the day. Today I had to go to a friends house to pick up some stuff and they were not there...well he had to potty so he did so on their trash can and thought it was the coolest thing!!! He will be starting preschool at our friends preschool lab on November the 2nd. He is crazy about buses. Every time he sees a bus he says "Parker's Bus" No questions asked...he likes the bus!


Well, well, well she is busy in school and loves it!! She is in dance and is doing great! She is also in Awana. Her friend Eric from Home Team is also in it, so she likes to see him there! She has dance tonight and we get to view(this only happens once a month) so I will get some photos and share them with you!