Friday, June 29, 2007

What a Bummer...

After Airplane Grandma (my mom) had one sleepless night and I had one and then last night Daniel and I getting NO sleep I decided to take Lincoln to see Dr. Agolia today. First Lincoln had a rash that the Doc was not worried about and a goopy eye that he said was probably from clogged tear ducts, again not a big deal at this point but later could cause concern. Moving on to the other parts of his nearly 20 pound body that is right...just shy of 20 pounds!! Oh yeah well he checked his ears and he has an infection in the right one. Doc said we should give him amoxicillin 2x/day for 10 days. So I will hope that Daniel and I get some sleep tonite!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Family Update!

Hey Guys!! Hope all is well out there!! I just wanted to give everyone an update on each of the kiddos and Daniel and I, since we are so exciting!!!

Madison~ Well, this week she is in 2 bible camps!! She goes to one from 9-12:30 then home for lunch and a nap. She wakes up just in time to go to the one that is from 5:30-8:00. She has been so tired this week. She is getting very excited about school starting! She wants to know more about her teacher and what her school is called. She is starting kindergarten... What am I going to do?

Parker~ OMG that boy is saying or at least trying to say EVERYTHING!!! His words now include... cookie, milk, juice, Banna(for Savanna who is our neighbor), tractor, car, truck, bike, hat, bite, Mama for Grandma, gosh I know there are a ton more plus he is saying Oh 2 of the most famous.... Papa, MOW!!! I guess he thinks Papa needs to mow all the time!!! But now he does got to Daddy's mower and say daddy!!! He thinks that every time Madison goes potty that he needs to go also. I think Daniel said the other day that Parker was in the bathroom with him and watched him go potty...well then he went potty on the floor in his room. I guess that is progress? Who knows!! He also tries to say Lincoln, it is so cute!!

Lincoln~ my snuggle bug!!! He is rolling like crazy and really making ground!! Daniel was holding him the other day and he said DADA!!! Along with a ton of other jibberish!! I guess that is progress too! Boys I tell you they are a different breed! We have moved him up to a size 4 diaper. Now he and Parker are wearing the same size?!? If he was not so wide we would not have this problem. When we were on vacation he got used to the travel swing that my mom has ... so now we take the swing back and forth to moms house and our house. I am trying to get him back in OUR swing we DO NOT need anymore PLASTIC in our house that is a baby toy!!

Daniel~ Well he is out of town pretty much every Wednesday nite. Soon however that will pick up to Tuesday - Thursday. It has not been to bad lately. And it is super that my mom takes the kidds once a week for a break!!! He was going to try to get back into baseball but I think our schedule is tooooo hectic of the summer for that.

ME~ Well, other than being a taxi driver and helper for camp, I am just doing the regular. Trying to get to the gym everyday!! So please be praying that I get there and work out!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

On OUR Way . . .

So, I am in the car on my way to Kansas City where we are having a post-wedding shower for Jen Schlotzhauer the newest member of the Pike Wives Club. I ponder quite frequently what our husbands think of this little "thing" we have started. If your husband happens to be a PIKE and he has expressed his opinion about this I would love to hear what he has to say about it!!!

I enjoy these particular girls because I have never had a group of girls I was really close with. Not that we are all best friends but I feel very confident that if we (any of us) ever needed anything we could call each other and we would be there to help if we could. Since some of us have children and others live out of town. But I think it is really AWESOME that we can all get together and hang out and most importantly the biggest issue most women have ~ GET ALONG!!!! I don't feel this closeness with the girls in STL. I mean not all of them. I love the girls in KC!!! GIRLS YOU ROCK!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So today it hit me that we are leaving for vacation in . . .5 days. HOLY COW. I have about a million things to do and only time for about 500,000 things!! We have had a ton of things going on however it is nice that my mom has the two older kiddos so that I can attempt to do things here!! I should have sent her with a couple of loads of laundry to do while the kids are with her!! She is so good she would probably do it for me!! I will be posting photos to while we are gone so feel free to check things out there while we are in Estes Park, Colorado and also Colorado Springs, Colorado!!!

I am so excited that Daniel's cousin will be staying at the house with the dogs so we don't have to run them here there are everywhere!!

Madison's 5th Birthday photo!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

My Kiddos

100 Things About ME!

1. I am a Christian.
2. I wish I had the confidence to share the great things that God has done in my life with more people.
3. I love my family, God has blessed me with the best one!!
4. I am a mother.
5. I would not change that for anything.
6. My mom and I did NOT get along when I was living at home.
7. I would not change the relationship we have now!!
8. When there is chocolate in the house I usually eat toooooo much of it.
9. I cannot spell worth CRAP.
10. I am excited to go back to school so I can have something to look forward to when my kids are in school.
11. I have blue eyes.
12. I passed them along to each one of my children.
13. I need motivation to get to the GYM.
14. I love fall time.
15. That is when my birthday and anniversary fall!!
16. I over use !!!!!!!!!! (exclimaniation POINTS)
17. I don't like to be away from my family for too long.
18. I tried to have a weekend away from my kids this past weekend while I was at a wedding and then found myself toting around others kiddos.
19. My favorite color is PURPLE!!
20. I love photography.
21. I have my own photography business.
22. This is a life long dream.
23. I wish I had more time to play with my editing program!!
24. I am a SSR.
25. I don't mind spiders, or snakes.
26. As long as they are not in my way.
27. I will not watch scary movies
28. I think this drives my husband crazy.
29. We don't make it to the movies unless it is to watch a kids movie!
30. I want to spend more time at the park this summer with my kids.
31. I will be going to Colorado soon.
32. That is where my father-in-law lives.
33. I didn't see the mountians until I was 20. Madison and I saw them for the first time at the same time.
34. We are planning on taking our childern to the BEACH next summer!
35. I have a crazy obsession with flowers and plants.
36. I want a "green house window" in my kitchen.
37. I have 3 wonderful children.
38. I struggle to give them equal attention.
39. I love comfy pants.
40. If I am at home there is NO question about it I will be in comfy pants!
41. I still some what keep in touch with my ex-boyfriend.
42. I would be ok with Daniel keeping up with his ex-girlfriends.
43. I want one more child.
44. This sometimes however is up for discussion depending on how Parker is acting.
45. I am watching cartoons right now.
46. I will be sending Madison to Kindergarten this year.
47. I am helping my son play with Polly Pockets.
48. I wish I had more time for ME. . .
49. Don't ALL parents want that?
50. I think I will get back to this later. I have to make lunch for the kids!!!
51. I watch Days of Our Lives daily.
52. I drive a 2005 Town and Country.
53. I love to watch my daughter at her dance class.
54. I think she is the best.
55. I am going to the Cards game tonight.
56. I love that my husband stays home with the kids so I can have a life too!!
57. I listen to all kinds of music.
58. I can't live without the following. . . VS bras
59. ice (I chew it on a regular baisis)
60. That really bothers my hubby.
61. Crocs
62. Mascara
63. my lap top
64. I am on my lap top now.
65. I sitll have the decorations up from Madison's B-Day.
66. I don't think Golf is relaxing.
67. I get stressed easily.
68. And yes I still want one more child.
69. I have 2 dogs.
70. My dream car is an older style VW Bug.
71. I WILL have one . . . . . . . . one of these day!!!
72. I love the smell of roses.
73. My favorite floweris the Gerber Daisy.
74. I think Cala Lilies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
75. I love the beach.
76. I am talking to Daniel now!!!
77. I was inspired to do this by Rachel (North) Huse. She went to HS with my husband and I think she is a really neat person.
78. I hate NATS.
79. I want my hair to grow longer so I can donate it to Locks of Love.
80. I wish I would have gone about HS in a different way.
81. I was a cheerleader and softball player.
82. I still play softball.
83. I love to watch Daniel play baseball.
84. I cannot face towards the middle of the bed to fall asleep (weird, I know).
85. I sleep on my belly.
86. I loved to watch the O.C. when it was on!!!
87. For the most part I have GREAT neighbors~ Missy, Dawn, Lori.
88. I have fake nails on.
89. I should be cleaning house or doing laundry now.
90. Oh my 10 more . . . I like to hear about my cousin's love life (it is becoming more interesting eachday)
91. I don't want to know the dirty details.
92. I am happy he has found her. Really she found him!!!!
93. I wish he lived closer. Madison thinks he is really cool!
94. I never thought Daniel would be the wonderful father he is.
95. I don't like milk.
96. I will probably have ostioprosis (sp really bad) by the time I am 30.
97. That is in 5 1/2 years.
98. I am baby, I know.
99. I think I keep having babies so Mrs. Kathy will come see me!
100. I didn't think it would be this hard to come up with 100 things about me.

So there it is let me know what you think!! Or maybe not!!

Let's Do This!!

Alright so I guess I will break down and do this!!! So here I go!!!!!