Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~*~*PRIVACY*~*~ Please READ

On July 1st our family blog will be going private.

There are things going on right now in our family that are for my regular readers eyes only....

Please email me at to let me know that you would like to be a reader of our blog.

Here is a tid bit of why....

Our family was involved with the PAT (Parents As Teachers) program through our school district and well we had 1 lady that came to our home and she ended up being a pain....and so we got a different lady and she ended up accusing me of some pretty awful there for I am going private with this blog. We loved that program so if you are a reader of this blog and you are in the program I would really reconsider the person that you are letting come into your home.....they may be talking about you behind your back ;)

I may open a public blog later but I am still not sure about that. Our children's privacy is important too :)

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