Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is back in town! P came to me first thing when the fluffy flakes started to fall from the sky....

P-Mommy, Please P go out and play in the snnnnoooowwww! Please!!!

Me- P you can go out side when the snow covers the ground ( I am not sure if he knows what that means)

P- (Disappointed) oookkkk, play with my trucks....

P & L-Train's swing looks so lonley out in the snow:

P & Eddie

P got Eddie for Christmas 2 years ago. Never did I think P would want to "hang out" with Eddie the way he does. They are so cute together....watching movies, digging in the dirt, swinging, or just taking sissy to school! They are two peas in a pod!

BTW: Yes my son is sleeping is a doll house bed....he loves that he can put his cars and trucks in the window part. You can't see the window part but I am sure it has his Thomas the Train flash light, Lightening McQueen car and Mater in there!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The BIG 30 :)

That is husband is the big 30!! Here are a couple of photos of him through the years for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Photo and Update on Ceazar

The spot that had 6-7 stitches.

As you can see he is looking better every day!

Today I was able to get some pretty good photos of P's face since the bite (a week ago tomorrow). He is looking and feeling much better!

As for an update on the family...D will be training the BiG 30 on Wednesday! As of right now I don't think he is making much of a fuss about it...

I have been working on my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas! I have made one "rag" quilt for a baby shower that I have to go to on Sunday! I am going out of town next weekend (by myself) to go scrap booking ALL weekend! I went last year and had a BLAST!

M is busy with school and doing great! She is also in swimming lessons and dance! Watch week is next week so I will try to remember my camera and take some photos!
P is P...what can I say...His school starts in April...we will see how many melt downs he has with this semester!
L is a momma's boy...that is all I have to say about that!!
Ceazar will be going to his new home today! I am very excited about the new family that will be taking him. Like I said before there will be a little girl, a little boy, a mom, a dad and another dog for him to play with! Comet is the other dogs name. We look forward to having many playdates with Ceazar's new family!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Swollen Eyes

You might think I am talking about P...however I am talking about me. I have been crying and crying and crying.....I could go on and on about the amount of crying I have done yesterday and today.

Finding a new home for a dog you really want is not easy. As a matter of fact it is filled with highs and lows, tears and tissues that (in my case) have lead to a headache.

I have been in contact with a woman, B, is what we will call her. She has a way with words...words that are so kind and comforting to my heart. I am pretty sure we will be going tomorrow to check out her home and see what M thinks of it. I have to talk to D tonight and M tomorrow and see if this is what we are on board for. I wish I could post B's emails that she has sent to me about our situation. She has been where we are and is giving me both sides of the road.

If all goes well, we will be taking Ceazar to meet his new family on Friday. They can all test the waters for the weekend and see if it is going to work.

B's Family is a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. They also have a golden retriever. Their golden is about 7 years old (I think). She (Comet) is older but they want her to have a friend before she passes on.

I know prayer is powerful and that God works in mysterious ways...even though P had to suffer from a dog bite he acts as if nothing has happened. Ceazar must be needed in someone else's life...we will never know HIS plan and no where in the bible does it say it will be easy but Thank God for this family.

That is all for now...gotta go before more tears start to fall ;)


Just wanted to update you guys on P-Man's appointment with Dr. Pollack at St. John's Mercy Health Center. First off I want to start by saying I will never go to another plastics guy/girl ever....the last one we went to was it for the money...TOTALLY....

Dr. Pollack sees a lot of burn until children. The other plastics guy we saw (back when P-Man got stitches in his tongue) was a tummy tuck/breast implants guy....not that they didn't study the same stuff...but this guy was much more child friendly :)

So he said that P was going to recover just fine and that the rest of the stitches will fall out in 3-4 days. After that we need to put lotion with Vitamin E in it on the wound. Then he said to help prevent scaring or to reduce the amount of scaring to keep sunblock on it and keep a hat on his head! P likes to wear hats so that should not be a problem!

Ceazar Update:

We do have a couple of families that we are in contact with about him. Please pray that we will find the best fit possible for all people involved!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Family Update

I have never met a kid as strong as P-Man. I remember about a year ago when Poor P-Man was in the ER for falling in the bath tub and getting stitches in his tongue. Within 12 hours he was jumping on the couch just as he was Saturday night. I was on the phone with Missy our neighbor and P-Man wanted to talk to her....she asked him what he was doing and he said "jumping on couch and mom"...and that is exactly what he was doing....jumping on the couch. I wanted to update you all with some photos of him and M.

This is M and Ceazar before Daddy and M took him to Hallie's Vet Clinic.
She was crying and very sad.

Taken Saturday Afternoon. You can see the swelling.

This was taken today. The swelling is still there but it is getting better.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Words Don't Express....

how it is that I am feeling at this moment. This morning we all got up just as it would have been a typical Saturday morning.

BACK UP: When P is around and Ceazar is eating he always plays with Ceazar. Ceazar does not care for it what so ever and will growl at him to get him to stop.

TODAY: P was playing with Ceazar after he fed him and Ceazar had enough of it and bit him in the face. I knew it was bad because of the ear piercing scream that P let out. D was in the laundry room and FLEW up stairs. I picked P up and took him in the kitchen to check his face. I could tell he was going to need stitches without a doubt. D took him and put him in the van. I went back inside to find clothes b/c I still was in my PJ's. Called the neighbor and she came over to watch L-Train and M. We went straight to St. Johns Hospital in Ladue. We were greeted by a very nice staff and we were taken right back to our room on the pediatric side of the ER. There was NO hesitation on getting P comfortable and taken care of. Needless to say we will NEVER go to any other ER in this area.

He has two 3/4 in. cuts on his face. One of the cuts she did not stitch up. She thought that it would be best to just leave it since it was pretty much closed up and clean. The other was about 1/8 inch away from his eye. We were VERY luck that it did not get into the tear duct. She put 6-8 stitches in that one next to his right eye. Our doctor was WONDERFUL....there is really no other way to describe her and her approach to children. If she was a general practice pediatrician we would be her patients in a snap!

With all of that going on we had to think about Ceazar and what to do with him. We don't feel like he is an aggressive dog. He just doesn't like to be messes with while eating. So D called his sister (who is a Vet) and asked her what she would suggest. She also does not feel like he should be put down just placed in a family without small children.

So that meant that we had to break the news to M. WOW.....I feel so sad for her. We got Ceazar when she was about 18 months old. And until Belle came along she was the only animal she had ever had. She cried, I cried, D cried and I am still crying. I know it is the right thing because we have to protect our children. And like I said before he will not be put down. I really hope we can find a family for him that would allow us to come and see him like once a month until M is OK with the situation.

So this morning has been filled with many emotions. Please pray for a home for Ceazar and for M to have peace with the decision that D and I had to make.

On my previous post is a photo of Ceazar and P. I still don't understand why Ceazar did this....he will let the kids jump on him and pull his hair....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Man's Best Friend

P and Ceazar watching Go Diego, GO!! Well Ceazar is chewing on his bone!

Foto Friday ;)

The Foto: This is of D checking out a grouper at the Aquarium in Denver, Colorado.

It was huge! Below are a few other photos from the Aquarium!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You Cards

These are L-Train's Thank You looking for yours in the mail soon!


My friend Chris and I saw this quote when we were in Florida at a little coffee shop we went to it needs to come to Chicago and St. Peters!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1st Birthday Party!

Sunday night we celebrated L-Train's 1st Birthday. We celebrated with Airplane Grandma (my mom) and Papa, Uncle Bruce and Amanda and Grandma Sandra. The small group was very nice. We had pizza and cake and ice cream! Below are photos from the party!

The ending result of the below photo was NOT good....he threw up all over me and the couch. We were at the the doctor today and it turns out he has a virus and the spots to prove it. Never knew that you got spots with a virus. Our very intelligent pediatrician informed me of that, thanks Dr. Agolia. (I have a story of Dr. Agolia and our visit to post about tomorrow :))

Thursday, January 10, 2008

BoThErs mE

I need to post about my NEW BEAUTIFUL TILE! But first I must say....D I love you and your did a WONDERFUL job on our kitchen floor, I look forward to many days of slaving over our stove while standing on the new tile.....well maybe not that last part, but he did a GrEAt JOb!

Out with the OLD (linoleum)

This photo does NOT do it was very dirty and gross.

In with the NEW:

(sorry I can't rotate it)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HE IS ONE.....

I can't believe seams like just yesterday I was in the hospital with him and P was pushing around the soiled clothes cart...I know....I should not have let him do that but oh well. So about Lincoln....

When I found out I was pregnant with him the nurse in my doctors office told me. We were not shocked since we were not doing anything to protect against having another ankle biter. It was kind of funny that someone else told me we were pregnant because I told Daniel we were expecting M and D told me we were expecting P. The nurse Regina, was so excited. First and foremost I was worried about postpartum depression. I had that with P and was worried about it again since the boys would be only 17 months apart in age. Thank God none of that happened.

I wanted to make a big deal about telling D about the upcoming birth of our 3 little guy since I didn't get to with the other 2. SO I went to the mall and bought a yellow shirt for M and a red shirt for P. On the back of M's I has screen printed " I want a SISTER!" and on the back of P's I had "I want a BROTHER!" That night I told D I had a surprise for him the next day. The following day I dressed the kids in their shirts and thought it would some how drop hints to D. I tried to put them together in front of him so he would see their backs. Well, P was 8 months old and when nap time came I knew he would NEVER get I started to ask him if he had figured it out. He said NO. I remember we were laying on our bed with M playing around and he asked if it was in this room. I told him YES. More and more hints were given and finally I said "Didn't you read the kids shirts?" He said Yeah and thought nothing else of it. So I turned M around and he asked me where my mom had gotten her shirt. I told him that P had one that said "I want a BROTHER!"

Finally after all of that his light bulb started to flicker.

9 months later we had LJF. He was born the day after we had new carpet installed in our whole house. January 9, 2007 @ 11:29am. He weighed 10lbs. 4oz. and was 20 inches long.

He has been such a blessing to our family. We love him so much and couldn't imagine our lives without him!

We love you Little Man!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years in Florida!!

So we are having a BLAST....

We are headed to the beach today but wanted to post some photos...We told the kids we would! Miss you guys! Love, Mommy and Daddy!

Check out the slide!