Thursday, December 13, 2007

tu2es part to: continued Tuesday was the big day to get the approval. Dr. Reichert is old....but that means he has seen A LOT of kids and has A LOT of experience! RIGHT! Well, he was just too cute with the shinny circle thing on his in the photo below! The shinny leather thing was had a leather strap.

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So D sat in the chair with L and he checks out his ears. He goes through the drill....asks us questions about P's tubes and tells us we can schedule with the front desk!

One thing he did say was that L, unlike P has large ear canals (see below for a photo of this too). With P we do not have to put anything in his ears when he takes a bath....but since L's ear canals are larger we have to do this...he is fine in the pool water but not in lakes, baths or we are going to send our 11 month old floating down a river.

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So that is the jist of it. Surgery is at St. John's Surgery Center! We have had all of out surgery's there!!

Also, today is P's last day of school.....yeah!! He made it! I will take some photos of him today....I hope he smiles for the camera.....BTW....the principal of the school's daughter is in the class and she told her mom that P is her best friend! I guess he is nice to someone!!