Saturday, June 9, 2007

On OUR Way . . .

So, I am in the car on my way to Kansas City where we are having a post-wedding shower for Jen Schlotzhauer the newest member of the Pike Wives Club. I ponder quite frequently what our husbands think of this little "thing" we have started. If your husband happens to be a PIKE and he has expressed his opinion about this I would love to hear what he has to say about it!!!

I enjoy these particular girls because I have never had a group of girls I was really close with. Not that we are all best friends but I feel very confident that if we (any of us) ever needed anything we could call each other and we would be there to help if we could. Since some of us have children and others live out of town. But I think it is really AWESOME that we can all get together and hang out and most importantly the biggest issue most women have ~ GET ALONG!!!! I don't feel this closeness with the girls in STL. I mean not all of them. I love the girls in KC!!! GIRLS YOU ROCK!!!!