Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ENT....Ears, Nose and Throat

Yesterday at 4:40 L had an appointment with Dr. Agolia for a possible ear infection.....and as it turns out, he has ANOTHER ONE. So this means there is a very good possibility that L may go to see an ENT in the future.....

Dr. Agoila says that he knows that an ENT will NOT put tubes in at this point. P went from 4-6 months with a solid ear infection....Lincolns are a little different b/c his are being fixed with the medicine. So this time we are on a stronger antibiotic; Omnicef 1/2 teaspoon for 10 days.

Last night we cut up pumpkins....I have some of the cutes pictures of P. I will post them later for you to see!!

Until next time....please pray for an answer for the tubes thing (I would rather just do them because they have been such a positive thing for P), & the pain that the infection is causing L.