Monday, March 3, 2008

In God We (I) Trust

Well, I have been reading a blog that has started Miracle Monday. And although there are many (I can think of 3 to start with) miracles that have happened in my life, there is one really big one going on right now!!!

I have been holding out on the news of me being accepted in to the Infant Swimming Resource Program (ISR). I am very, oh so very excited!!!! I first learned about this program because Lorelai was enrolled in it and I went to see one of her lessons. After that I was in shock about the fact that a child could really save their life if they fell into the water.

So after talking to Daniel and praying about it.....I gave it all to God. Now it is very easy to say that but to actually do it....not so easy. I prayed. I prayed more. And I prayed some more. I didn't worry about it....because I prayed to God and let him know exactly what I wanted to do and told him that it was ALL in his hands....from there (believe it or not) I didn't worry. I seriously didn't worry one second. If this was Ultimate Plan that God has for me well then....He would make it happen and if not I knew that He would have something else "up his sleeve" for me.

I sent in my letter of intent, resume, and the list of questions that I had to answer and waited for the next step. I thought the next step was going to be a series of phone interviews but it was only one. I was very nervous about the interview. But as it turns was more of a lets get to know each other conversation and she threw in several questions along the way :)

I then got the APPROVAL!!!!!

Praises to God!!!!

After that I had to send in my signed agreement and my tuition! I then had to wait for the links for my online training guide....I still remember when I got it....Daniel was at his football game, and the kids were sleeping. When I got it....I cried.....seriously.....tears flowed from my eyes. The feeling I felt was so incredibly awesome. I knew that God was behind me all the way. I will be saving HIS children if they fall into the water. GOD made this possible. I believe it 100%, no questions asked.

I will be starting training tomorrow! Please pray for my mom, as she will be caring for the kids during the training!! Pray for my kids so that they don't drive her crazy!!

NOW: I challenge you....give something 100% to God and DO NOT worry about it....the feeling you will feel is more that you can describe.

You can watch the video at the top of my page and that is exactly what I will be teaching. Right now my boys are in the program and you can see some of their videos on my site as well!

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