Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnancy Update

So here is the deal, I was at the doctor on May 27th and I saw the midwife/nurse practitioner. She hounded me about the fact that I have not gained any weight in the past 6 weeks. I quickly reassured her that I eat plenty. I have a husband and a whole home team to back that up!! Not to mention I think that I eat ice cream every evening after 8:30pm.

Anyway so while at the doctors office I learned that my doctor is on call the weekend of the 4th of July. Then she is leaving to go out of town. I have never made it to my due date so I am really hoping that she will decide to take the baby on July 5th. We will see. I see the doctor on Monday so I hope to be back with an update :)

It is 10:25 and I am headed to the freezer for some ice cream and strawberries!!

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