Monday, March 10, 2008


Ultimate Blog Party 2008

I did it...I joined THE Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Welcome to Feagans 5ive! Look around...

This is my first party and I was a little worried about what shoes to wear since my daily shoe attire consist mostly of crocs! Gotta love those crocs!!

Here is a little about me! I am 25, I have 3 blue eyed, beautiful children! All given to my by the man of my life! DJF! We also have a dog, Belle! You can see photos of each of my children on the right hand column of this little blog!

10 things about our family!

ONE: I am currently training to be an instructor for the best aquatic program out there!!
TWO: I don't like to get out of bed....usually the kids end up in my bed before we all go get breakfast!
THREE: My husband and I have a small obsession for Survivor.

FOUR: I think my youngest child, Lincoln will be a class clown.

FIVE: We love to take vacations!

SIX: My husband was born in Colorado Springs, CO. I was born in Pampa, TX. How did we meet in Steelville, MO? On a float trip, of course!

SEVEN: My youngest baby weighed over 10 lbs.

EIGHT: I NEVER thought I would be a blogger....then I met Rachel.

NINE: I love photography.

TEN: I have the best husband....he supports me in pretty much EVERYTHING I want to do!!

Well, now that you know a little about me...take a look around....leave a comment if you would five year old loves to hear about "mama's blog" and other peoples too!

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Today it is a soaring 40* out I sent Parker out to play and get some fresh air!! As he went out the door I started on lunch only to find **Guess Who** right behind was Parker....telling me that he went potty in his pants. So we pulled off the wet pants and I told him to go put them down the hole (our laundry shoot). Time passed and I finally yelled "Come on Parker-Man get your pants on so you can go outside and play!!!" Well out of our room running he came with a mouth full guess and I will let you know tomorrow!! Here is what I saw...please don't look at the mess coming from his nose...

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