Saturday, April 23, 2011

Haylee Jo is HERE!

Yes!  She is here and she is doing better!

For those of you who don't know, my brother and his girlfriend, Amanda, had Haylee Jo today at 5:30ish.  When she was born she inhaled fluid and was sent to Children's Hospital due to her lung development.  Needless to say as of about 11:30pm my brother sounded good and was confident that she would be good too!  She needs to hang out there for 48 hours and have some test run!

A couple of years ago when my family was together celebrating Easter my brother asked why we celebrate Easter answer to that was the Resurrection of Christ!  He kind of shrugged it off and went about his ways.  Since then I have prayed and prayed for him to see God and how big he is, was and always will be :)  When we pray these things we never know how God will show up.  He showed up today, in a big way. 

April 22, 2011 started out early...I received a call from my mom at 5:29am that my brother and Amanda were at the hospital and my first niece, Haylee Jo, was on her way!  Now, do you think I was able to go back to bed after!  But I did pray.  I prayed for health, safety and a beautiful baby girl, a new mommy and a new daddy!!  I prayed that God would show up in a big way.  I believe that He is in control of everything that happens, the good, the bad and the ugly!  I also prayed that this baby would somehow make my brother see, feel and need Christ.  I asked for God to reveal himself!! 

As the day went on I talked and text my mom.  Just little updates here and there!  Sometime after 4 I was on the phone with mom and she said that since Amanda's labor had stalled they were going to give her some more meds and if there was not any progress with in so long they were going to do a c-section.  I knew that was not what Amanda wanted so we prayed.  Not too long after that I received a text saying "she is a 10, and pushing".  He totally hears us! 

At 6:28pm, SHE IS HERE came across my phone!!  At 7:29pm I called my mom for an update on Haylee Jo and Amanda.  All I could hear were the sobs of my mom on the other end.  Haylee Jo was being transported to Children's Hospital because of what I had mentioned earlier.  Around 8:00pm I headed to the hospital assuming that Haylee Jo was on her way to Children's.  When I got there my parents were in the waiting room and Haylee Jo was being prepared to load up in the ambulance.  Bruce and my parents were going to follow the ambulance to the hospital and be with her.  Amanda's mom was planning to spend the night at the hospital with her. 

I needed to go to Wal-Mart to get somethings for Amanda since Haylee's bag was still at home.  Took the items she needed back to the hospital and when I got back in the car I sent a text to my brother telling him he could crash on our couch since he lives about 40 minutes from the hospital where Amanda was staying and over an hour from where Haylee was staying. 

Here is our text:

Me:#### is our garage code if you want to crash at our house to night and shower.
B: Ok, thanks for everything
Me: Not a problem. Anytime...I hope you know that.
B: Yes i do
B: Talk to God for Haylee
Me: Been doing it all day...and will forever.  Parker, Madison and Lincoln are too.  She is super loved by them already.
B: Thanks a lot.
Me: Praying for you too, touch guy!  And Amanda, of course.
B: Thank I will talk to you in the morning good night

Pray for him!  God is showing up in a huge way!  I just hope he puts his hand in God's and starts his walk!

Pray for Haylee Jo, she is adorable, 8lbs. 10oz, and 21 inches long of adorable!  So blessed!!

Pray for Amanda!  She is in one place and her baby is at another.  I can't imagine.

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